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Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum & Matsu Religion Culture Tour(Museum closes on Monday)

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Pick up at Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door 2. US$250(NT$7200)/Per person/Minimum 2 persons.


0830~0900嘉義高鐵站2號出口集合Pick up at Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door 2

0915~1130故宮南院Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Well know collection of artifacts came from the Qing Palace which collected by the imperial family over thousands of years. These artifacts nearly 700,000 pieces and include antiquities, paintings, calligraphy, historical documents and rare books.

To enhance the cultural, educational, social and economic development in southern Taiwan, the government built this museum branch here, setting as “an Asian Art and Culture Museum”.

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1230~1500新港奉天宮&北港朝天宮(午餐自理) Singang Fengtian Temple & Beigang Chaotian Temple (Lunch excluded)

Mazu, the Goddess of Sea, the most popular Goddess in Taiwan, boatman escorted the golden icon of Mazu from China Meizhou Temple through Taiwan Strait in 1622. When reached old Beigang harbor, Mazu gave instruction that she would make the place her permanent abode that became “Beigang Chaotian temple”. In 1799 flooding of Beigang River destroyed over 4,000 households, presiding monk preserved the icons and properties moved them eastward to New Beigang temple which call “Singang Fengtian temple”, but Beigang Chaotian temple renovation in same place, so became two largest Mazu temple now. Both residents have continued worship here, until now expansion 870 Mazu temples in Taiwan.

1530~1730新港板頭村 Singang Bantaoyao Village

Cane sugar was an important native product hundred years ago in south of Taiwan. Taiwan Sugar Railway was transport the raw materials, but also for the carriage of passengers, who was most profitable rail so called one-fifth rail or Golden Railroad. 1982 railroad due to the sugar declined and convenience freeway, the villages contributed money and gathered with local volunteers, ceased operation constructed village with traditional methods and hoped their younger residents will reside the village and still make a living.

嘉義高鐵站Back to Chiayi high-speed rail station


■Minimum passenger size: 2

■Maximum passenger size: 5

■Tour Price Include:

1. Air-conditioned sightseeing transportation.

2. English Driver Guide with Tip.

3. Entrance Fees.

4. NT$2,000,000 Travel Accident and NT200,000 Medical Accident Insurance per passenger.

■Tour Price exclude:

All meals and personal beverage.

Instructions for use

  • At Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door 2 staff member will swipe your QR CODE. 
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