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One-Way Ticket

  • Package number:ST4248759188
  • MAP: Taipei City
  • Valid dates:2018-05-08 18:14 ~ 2018-12-31 23:59
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  • The PASS can only be used by the individual owner and is not transferable.
  • The PASS is limited to use within the valid period. The passenger is permitted to take the Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for an unlimited number of times during the valid period. The valid period of the PASS should be specified when exchanging; it is calculated based on the consecutive accumulation of days from the starting date, within 30 days from the date the PASS was issued; once the starting date is set, it cannot be changed.
  • This PASS is valid for travel in non-reserved seat cars; the passenger need to take reserved standard seat, please reserve in advance at the ticketing window at no additional charge, however the following must be noted:
    • Reservations must be made by presenting the PASS and an original copy of the passport at the station ticket windows; no online or telephone reservations will be accepted.
    • During peak hours or national holidays, seat availability is not guaranteed. Should seat reservation not be available due to full booking, please make use of the non-reserved seat service.
    • When taking reserved standard seat with the PASS, please board the train in accordance with the seating information specified in the inner pages of the PASS during the reservation.
  • When traveling with the PASS, the passenger is limited to enter and exit the stations via the manned gates; please bring the original copy of passport for verification purposes. If the passport cannot be presented, or the identity on the PASS does not match the passenger, the passenger will not be allowed to board the train; those who have already boarded the train will be asked to purchase another ticket.
  • The PASS does not accept any form of change or return. If the PASS is lost, damaged or stolen, no reissuance, application for loss or refunds will be given.
  • During extraordinary circumstances such as train delays, interruption of service or cancellation of trains, the PASS will not be compensated for, nor will the valid period be extended.
  • Only the original copy of the PASS is valid; any photocopying, alteration, forging or damage that is beyond recognition will be deemed invalid.
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