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5-day standard joint pass(Only for overseas passenger!)

  • Package number:ST1020902704
  • MAP: Taipei City
  • Valid dates:2019-01-02 10:06 ~ 2020-12-31 23:59
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For 5 days starting from the specified date

  1. Entitled to ride Taiwan Railways trains Chu-Kuang class(inclusive) or lower an unlimited number of times. Non reserved seat is available when riding in Taiwan Railways Chu-Kuang class and Fu-Hsing class.
  2. Entitled to ride on THSR trains for any two days.

Instructions for use

 How to use the THSR Pass:

Step1: Present your passpoet and a valid THSR Pass exchange order

Step2: The next day to 89 days after payment, swap the exchange order for a THSR Pass at any THSR station counter.

Step3: Confirm the dare correctness of personal information printed on top of the pass.

Step4: Hand the passport and THSR Pass to station personnel for inspection and you are free to board any THSR train (non-reserved seat).Aseat number can be reserved at the THSR station counter by presenting your passport and THSR Pass at no additional charge. After you have successfully reserved a seat, the seating information will be documented on the inner page of the THSR Pass, please take your seat as indicated on the specified train.


  • The PASS can only be used by the individual owner and is not transferrable.
  • The passenger must specify a valid period for the PASS to the THSR/Taiwan Railway station staff at the ticket window before it can be used. The specified valid period cannot be changed.
  • This PASS can be used only within the valid period. Furthermore, the passenger is permitted to take trains on the Taiwan Railway and THSR for an unlimited number of times within the specified period.
    • The first date of the valid period can be any specified day within the 28 day period of the exchange.
    • The valid period for the Taiwan Railway is calculated in 5 consecutive days starting from the first date (inclusive) of boarding the train.
    • The valid period for the THSR is any two specified days within the 5 days of the first date (inclusive) of boarding the train.
  • Dates are calculated as such that one day means 00:00 to 23:59 on the same day. For instance, when purchasing the Standard 5-Day THSR and Taiwan Railway PASS, and choosing January 1st of 2013, as the first date of the valid period, then the Taiwan Railway valid period for the passenger will be from 2013-01-01 00:00 till 2013-01-05 23:59; the valid period for the THSR will be any two specified days within the previously mentioned 5 days.
  • The PASS offers passenger travel on the Taiwan Railway and THSR trains:
    • THSR trains
      • Not applicable for business class cars
      • The passenger may travel in non-reserved seating cars with this PASS;the passenger need to take a reserved standard seat, please reserve in advance at the THSR ticket window at no additional charge (no online or telephone reservations will be accepted).
    • Taiwan Railway trains
      • Not applicable for traveling on Tze-Chiang Limited Express, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express, tour trains, group trains, cruise trains and trains specified by the Taiwan Railway.
      • Traveling on the Chu-Kuang Express and Fu-Hsing Semi Express is available with vacant seats, but reserved standard seat service will not be offered.
    • During peak hours or national holidays, seat availability is not guaranteed by the THSR and Taiwan Railway.
    • During extraordinary circumstances such as train delays, interruption of service or cancellation of trains, the PASS will not be compensated for, nor will the valid period be extended by the THSR and Taiwan Railway.
  • When traveling with the PASS, the passenger is required to enter and exit the stations via the manned gates; please bring the original copy of your passport for verification purposes. If the date is not within the valid period, or if you cannot present your passport, or if the identify on the PASS does not match that of the passenger, he/she will not be allowed to board the train, and those who have already boarded the train must buy another ticket.
  • The PASS does not accept any form of change or return. If the PASS is lost, damaged or stolen, no reissuance, application for loss or refunds will be given.
  • Only the original copy of the PASS is valid; any photocopying, alteration, forging or damage that is beyond recognition will be deemed invalid.
  • Eligibility: for short-stay customers only (within 180 days) and carry the valid passport and entry document.
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