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Tainan Coastal Ecology Tour (10hrs)

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Pick up at Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door2. US$230(NT$6600)/Per person/Minimum 2 persons.


0830~0900嘉義高鐵站2號出口集合Pick up at Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door2

1000~1130 北門台灣烏腳病醫療紀念館Taiwan Black-foot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial House


Dr. Wang Jing He, the father of Blackfoot disease, contributed his former clinic that has ceased operation for many years. He despite offering free medical treatment and assistance, they were also important providers of mental and spiritual support to the patients. The memorial house commemorates the selfless devotion and great love rendered by the medical personnel and church members.

1200~1300黑面琵鷺保護區Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall



The Black-Faced Spoonbill protected habitats areas are located in the northern bank of the Zengwen River. There is an exhibition center displays the life of bird history, wetland ecology, and rare spoonbill specimens. Each winter when black-faced spoonbills arrive, the center sets up a video display to closer view and introduction to these beautiful birds.

1310~1530七股瀉湖生態之旅(午餐自理) Qigu Lagoon (Lunch excluded)


Lagoon hosts more than 30 kind crabs, Fish, shrimps, shellfishes are even more than 200 species. A boat ride to see the lagoon ecology, and oyster farm.

1600~1730井仔腳瓦盤鹽田Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields


Jiingzaijiao was essentially to prevent salt crystals from attaching to the soil, salt miners at Pottery dish salt field manually laid out broken debris of pottery onto the crystallizing ponds of salt fields, this approach resulted in purer and clearer salt being mined. Under the sunshine, the Pottery Salt Pan displays a resplendent, mosaic like pattern. These features make it a unique cultural landscape.

1900嘉義高鐵站Back to Chiayi high-speed rail station


■Minimum passenger size: 2

■Maximum passenger size: 5

■Tour Price Include:

1. Air-conditioned sightseeing transportation.

2. English Driver Guide with Tip.

3. Entrance Fees.

4. NT$2,000,000 Travel Accident and NT200,000 Medical Accident Insurance per passenger.

■Tour Price exclude:

All meals and personal beverage.

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  • At Chiayi high-speed rail station Exit door 1,  staff member will swipe your QR CODE. 
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